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January 2023 Update

The 24th January was an auspicious day for our project. After many months of planning and a lot of work the day started with a local haulier travelling to Staffordshire to collect our carrier frames which had spent several months being riveted together followed by shot blasting and priming. After being picked up the lorry travelled to Statfold where the recently completed wheelsets for the power bogie were collected. The load then set off to our workshop, but whilst this was happening another lorry from CTL Seal, Sheffield set off to deliver the platework for our cab, tanks and bunker. This load arrive at the workshop at about 11.30.

Platework for our cab, tanks and bunker

Shortly after midday the lorry carrying the large items arrived. The wheelsets were the first to be unloaded, followed by the carrier frames which were moved into the workshop and were placed onto stands ready for future work to progress. In order to give an indication of the overall size of GOWRIE the wheelsets followed by the power bogie frames were placed in approximately their progress relative positions. This has also provided an opportunity to illustrate the the progress we have achieved over the last two years. In order to keep this momentum going, more funding is required to move us forward with the next stages of the build.

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