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Power bogie frames and carrier frames - Paul Stock

2020 End of year review

Events and Fundraising

We began 2020 with the hopeful optimism that it would be an incredibly productive year for the project. We had mapped out the progress we wished to make on the loco, and to support this we had a string of events we were due to attend to increase awareness and support.

As the pandemic began to take hold, all events were gradually postponed or cancelled in the interest of public well-being, and it looked like being quite a quiet year for the build.

After a brief discussion we decided to hold an online fund-raiser towards the next steps and hopefully maintain some of the momentum we had built. This was successful in raising 1006.00 towards patterns and castings and we are very grateful to all who contributed.

5 Inch Gowrie

Towards the start of the year, a 5” gauge live steam Gowrie became available for sale and the Trust given first refusal. We obviously snapped up the chance to have this unique item and it was delivered fully serviced and repainted by Simon Hudson and his team at the Steam Workshop.

This beautifully crafted loco will be used by the group to demonstrate the principles of the design, and as a centrepiece at exhibitions to create interest. It is also the intention to take it to several miniature railways and engineering groups around the UK on running days.

Patterns and Castings

At the end of June, the patterns for the hornblocks and the castings produced from them arrived on-site at workshop X. The patterns having been made by Alan Frodsham, a keen supporter of the project, and the castings by J. T. & E. Castings of Wigan. A family run company on the site of the original foundry of the Wigan Coal and Iron Company.

Axle box and underkeep patterns and castings were also delivered shortly after from the same sources. The driving wheel pattern will be the next one on the list to be ordered with cylinder patterns to be looked at following that.

Frames and stretchers

With the boiler recalculations taken into account, the slight alterations to the frame dimensions were altered on the C.A.D. drawings created by trustee David Smith. After a productive meeting with C.T.L. Seal Ltd of Sheffield in November, the frames were cut and arrived at the workshop on the 8th of December. The angle to assemble the frames and stretches has also been ordered and is due to arrive immediately post-lockdown. The 2 main frame sections will then be drilled and assembled.


Despite the circumstances, we have managed to make great progress this year thanks to those who've shown their support to the project. But to continue, we need to increase the support and interest to this new-build and there are several ways you can help. Becoming a “Friend of Gowrie” only costs £20 per year and for this you'll receive 4 quarterly newsletters with up to date news and information. Become a subscriber and you'll receive this plus a range of further benefits including an exclusive print of Gowrie in the Aberglaslyn Pass. Donations of any size are also welcome and are much appreciated.

Gowrie's frame plates and stretchers with Baldwin 779 behind - Paul Stock
Rear bufferbeam plate - Paul Stock
Gowrie Frames.jpg
Gowrie frames CAD image courtesy of David Smith. 

Announcement - 01/10/2020

The trustees of the Gowrie Locomotive Trust are pleased to announce that we have now received quotes for the frames to be cut and have decided to accept the quote to have them laser cut by CTL Seals of Sheffield. The quote is for the cutting of all three sets of frames, (power bogie, trailing bogie and carrier frames plus leading and trailing buffer beams, all stretches and other associated plate work).

In order for us to be able to place this order we now need to raise £4,500, please help us to raise this money by sending us a single donation or by sending us regular contributions. Details of how to make donations to us can be found on the Friends of Gowrie page or by contacting us on our email address

Thank you in anticipation

Marion Allen

Trustee, Hon. Treasurer

Gowrie Locomotive Trust

Despite the difficult conditions created by the global pandemic, we have managed to make quite significant progress this year and have now had around half a ton of castings produced for the loco.

Axlebox patterns - Alan Freebury
Underkeep pattern - Alan Freebury
Axlebox castings - Alan Freebury
Castings for underkeeps, regulator quadrant and valve spindle gland followers - Alan Freebury
Hornguide castings - Alan Freebury
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