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As you can see from our Latest News, we are continuing to progress with the assembly of the carrier frames. We have now assembled the power-bogie frames and are currently working on those for the trailing bogie. You will notice that some new items have been added to our sponsorship list for items needed to complete the power bogie pivot fabrication to allow correct machining of these parts. This leaves us still needing sponsorship in order to move forward in our stated time frame. Therefore, we urgently need sponsorship for the following items:-


Previous castings which have been produced through sponsorships:-


If anyone is interested in sponsoring a part, please contact the Trust via email at We are also happy to accept part sponsorship of a component if someone is interested but unable to manage the full amount.


As previous reported we have received the Nuts, Bolts and Rivets Fund needed some additional money to cover the cost of £1,500 for the rivets required to assemble the three sets of frames. Thanks to a generous donation this cost has been covered, but only as far as the required rivets for these assemblies to be completed. For us to complete the project, further donations to this fund for the numerous items needed to join the many parts together are required. For anyone wishing to contribute to this fund, please contact Marion on our email address or via post direct to Marion Allen, C/o 6 Shipley Rise, Carlton, Nottingham, NG4 1BN

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