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About The Project

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A group of engineers are re-creating the NWNGR single Fairlie locomotive "Gowrie", built in 1908 by the Hunslet Engine Co and last recorded in 1931 before it is believed to have been scrapped. The loco will be an entirely new build and will be fitted with both air and vacuum brakes to facilitate running on both Welsh Highlands, in addition to several other lines.


The construction will be handled by the team of volunteers that restored Hunslet "Edward Sholto", the MRT's Hudswell Clarke 1238, and the restoration of WD Hunslet 1215 of 1916.


The project was officially launched at the groups combined model railway show and fundraising event "Mainly Narrow Gauge", held at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester on the 28th of April 2018.


The Group's initiative has been welcomed by The Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Railway. Director Mike Hart said "there is no doubt that with the experience the Group have built up having rebuilt a number of derelict narrow gauge locos at its Derbyshire workshops they have all the skills necessary to embark on a new build project. Gowrie will be a wonderful attraction at special events and while operating on both our railways provide the exciting opportunity of comparing this long lost Hunslet designed articulated loco with our single Fairlie Taliesin. We will of course try and help the project along where we can with engineering advice from our own new build experience of at Boston Lodge. 


The Gowrie Locomotive Trust is a registered C.I.O.

Martyn Ashworth

Martyn is an excellent project manager who knows how to get things done and how to get parts ordered to arrive just when they are wanted.

Marion Allen

Marion has a background in accounting, so she has been co-opted as secretary/treasurer.

John Taylor
Alan Freebury

Alan is an excellent loco engineer and lathe operator, it will be Alan who negotiates with the design team to get the modifications and improvements done to the New Gowrie.

Paul Stock

Paul was one of the original instigators of the project and he will be looking after advertising and membership lists etc.

Joey Evans
David Smith

David has an extensive knowledge of all matters to do with railways particularly steam, he is also very good with CAD (computer aided design) and he is also a very good lathe operator.

Nigel Freebury
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