A full list of items available and prices can be found below, please email any orders to and once your order is assembled we can then accept payment via PayPal ( ), cheque, or bank transfer. P&P is charged at £2 per order. 

The coasters and key rings both feature images by Jonathan Clay and the fridge magnet the exclusive image by Eric Leslie. 


Mug featuring line drawing                              £6.00

Mug featuring Jonathan Clay painting           £6.00

Coaster                                                                £2.00

Pack of Four Coasters                                       £6.00

R.E.V Gomm badge                                            £3.50

Fridge Magnet                                                    £1.75

Coaster                                                                £2.00

Keyring                                                                £1.50

Novelty Beer Mats (Pack of Six)                       £1.00

Pencil                                                                   £0.30

Colouring Pencils                                               £4.50

Children's Colouring Sheet                               £0.15

*NEW* Christmas Card (Pack of Five             £4.50

*NEW* Two Packs of Christmas Card             £8.50

Newsletters                                                          £2.00 

David Perrin Print (In tubes)                             £5.00

David Perrin Print (Laminated)                        £7.00

David Perrin Print (Framed)                             £25.00

A2 General Arrangement                                 £25.00

A3 Works Photograph                                       £20.00

Growie Brass Nameplate - Unpainted          £180.00

Growie Brass Nameplate - Painted               £230.00




We are still progressing with the assembly of the carrier frames, but in order for us to move forward from this we still need sponsorship for the following parts:-

Axlebox castings                                                  £800 each x 5

Axlebox underkeep castings                             £50 each x 4

Coupled wheel tyres                                           £1,000 each x 4

Coupled wheel leaf springs                               £1,400 each x 6

Trailing bogie side bearer bracket casting      £65

Trailing bogie horn-guide castings                   £98 each x 4

Waterjet cut blanks for connecting rods         £900 each x 2

Waterjet cut blanks for coupling rod front     £600 each x 2

Waterjet cut blanks for coupling rod rear      £1,850 each x 2

New castings have been produced for which we would like sponsorship, these are as follows:-

Strainer Box with lid                                          £120 each x 2

Glands small                                                       £75 each x 2

Glands large                                                       £150 each x 2

Steam Valve Clack Box                                      £180

Oil Box with lid                                                   £100 each x 2

Split Rod Brasses                                               £75 each x 8

Lids for Glands                                                   £40 each x 2


If anyone is interested in sponsoring a part, please contact the Trust via email at We are also happy to accept part sponsorship of a component if someone is interested but unable to manage the full amount.


We have received our first donation to the Nuts, Bolts and Rivets Fund (NBRF), but the project still has a long way to go and we still require further support for this fund. For anyone wishing to contribute to this fund, please contact Marion on our email address or via post direct to Marion Allen, C/o 6 Shipley Rise, Carlton, Nottingham, NG4 1BN