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New Year 2024 Update

On the 28th December 2023 a small group attended the workshop. The main reason for this being to load the platework for the bunker, cab and sidetanks for a start to be made on their fabrication. As can be seen from the following two images a start was made almost immediately. The two views of the bunker show the main components tacked together, to assist with the drilling through the plates and angles, which will then be fitted with dome headed screws to simulate the original, riveted construction.

With the platework having been collected by the fabricator, the carrier frames once again became accessible for work to continue. On the 4th January 2024 a start was made on the painting of the carrier frame stretcher for the trailing bogie, in preparation for the fitting of the new lubrication fittings and pipework for the pivot. The following view shows John Padget applying the first layer of undercoat. This will be followed by more undercoat and topcoat layers, after which the fittings can be installed.

Also on this date, Stuart Fletcher, who for the last few weeks has been truing up and machining the frame plates for the trailing bogie, had reached a stage where, with the fitting of the end tie bars, could be spaced at the correct distance apart. The assembly was then lifted onto the flat table and checked for alignment in preparation for the fitting of the cast hornguides. The following illustrations show this operation being carried out


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